Airbag module reset or repair

Airbagbank is a specialist in airbag modules. We offer the option of resetting an airbag module after a collision. In certain cases, repairing an airbag module is also the solution to a spontaneous airbag fault.

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Upon receipt, the airbag module is always checked on our specially developed test bench. In the event of a spontaneous fault, this check can determine whether the problem is caused by the airbag module or whether it is located elsewhere in the car. In the event of a collision, the check assesses which codes are stored in the airbag module’s memory. After resetting the airbag module, the module can be reconnected to the test bench, where we check whether the correct codes have disappeared. Thanks to these extra checks, we work in a cost-effective manner. It would be a shame to purchase new airbag modules unnecessarily, and we can guarantee the quality of the airbag module before it is returned to the customer.


  • € 50,- excl. BTW – inspection
  • € 95,- excl. BTW – reset
  • € 125,- excl. BTW – software repair
  • € 175,- excl. BTW – hardware repair
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There are a number of known trouble codes that can be resolved by repairing the airbag module. See our list of trouble codes for this.