Are your airbags deployed? In that case, Airbagbank can restore your car with the proper airbags and make them function optimally. The fastest solution and saving costs are our main focus. Using the search function, you can easily find which airbags you need. You can search by car make, vehicle type or even by part number. Didn’t find the part you need? If so, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the right airbags.

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G4354 - volvo airbag

G4354 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 32214989, 32288355, P032214989, P032288355 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G4149 - vw airbag

G4149 - Vw airbag

Article no. 2GA880742, 2GA880742E, 2GA880742G Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G4148 - vw airbag

G4148 - Vw airbag

Article no. 2GA880741, 2GA880741E, 2GA880741G Type: Roofairbag – leftside

G5106 - Audi airbag

Article no. 8Y1880581, 8Y1880581D, 8Y1880581E Type: Sideairbag inside - leftside
G4492 - ford airbag

G4492 - Ford airbag

Article no. JK21-V042B85, JK21-V042B85-AAW, JK21-V042B85-ABW Type: Frontairbag driverside
G2912 - volvo airbag

G2912 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 31291326, P31291326 Type: Roofairbag – leftside
G4450 - mercedes benz airbag

G4450 - Mercedes benz airbag

Article no. 0008607300, 0008608300 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G4355 - volvo airbag

G4355 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 31455497, P031455497, P31455497 Type: Roofairbag – leftside
G1563 - opel airbag

G1563 - Opel airbag

Article no. 13213585, 13366750 Type: Sideairbag seat - rightside
G3184 - Mercedes Pyrofuse

G3184 - Mercedes benz airbag

Article no. N000000006984 Type: Battery Breaker
G3041 - vw airbag

G3041 - Vw airbag

Article no. 5G4880741, 5G4880741D, 5G4880741E, 5G4880741A Type: Roofairbag – leftside
G3154 - vw airbag

G3154 - Vw airbag

Article no. 5G4880742, 5G4880742D, 5G4880742E, 5G4880742A Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G1415 - opel airbag

G1415 - Opel airbag

Article no. 13235770 Type: Frontairbag driverside

G5004 - Mercedes benz airbag

Article no. 0008604201, A0008604201 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G3268 - mini airbag

G3268 - Mini airbag

Article no. 32306876517, 33687651701 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G2839 - vw airbag

G2839 - Vw airbag

Article no. 1S0880201E, 2G0880201, 2H0880201, 3G0880201, 5G0880201, 7E0880201 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G3197 - VW Airbag

G3197 - Vw airbag

Article no. 5NN880201, 5TA880201, 5TA880201AC, 6C0880201, 6C0880201B, 6C0880201E Type: Frontairbag driverside
G4451 - mercedes benz airbag

G4451 - Mercedes benz airbag

Article no. 0008605101, 0008605801, 0008608901 Type: Frontairbag driverside
G4567 - audi airbag

G4567 - Audi airbag

Article no. 82A880201G, 8Y0880201E Type: Frontairbag driverside

G4998 - Vw airbag

Article no. 5NA823823, 5NA823823E Type: Actuator
G4745 - opel airbag

G4745 - Opel airbag

Article no. 9827991480 Type: Roofairbag – leftside
G4438 - kia airbag

G4438 - Kia airbag

Article no. 85020-G5000 Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G4370 - mini airbag

G4370 - Mini airbag

Article no. 7376422 Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G2783 - audi airbag

G2783 - Audi airbag

Article no. 8X3880242 Type: Sideairbag seat - rightside
G4244 - audi airbag

G4244 - Audi airbag

Article no. 81A880242, 81A880242D Type: Sideairbag seat - rightside
G3978 - volvo airbag

G3978 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 31436486, 31663459, 32227699, P31436486, P31663459, P32227699 Type: Sideairbag seat - rightside
G4654 - skoda airbag

G4654 - Skoda airbag

Article no. 5H0880241, 5H0880241L, 5H0880241P, 5H0880241R, 654880241, 654880241E Type: Sideairbag seat – leftside
G2597 - volvo airbag

G2597 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 30715602 Type: Frontairbag passengerside
G4356 - volvo airbag

G4356 - Volvo airbag

Article no. 31455498, P031455498, P31455498 Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G2753 - audi airbag

G2753 - Audi airbag

Article no. 8V1880841, 8V1880841D Type: Knee-airbag – driverside

G4892 - Vw airbag

Article no. 5GM880742, 5GM880742J Type: Roofairbag – rightside
G4437 - kia airbag

G4437 - Kia airbag

Article no. 85010-G5000 Type: Roofairbag – leftside

Buy airbags

We supply used, original airbags and related parts for almost all brands. You can come to us for both a complete airbag set and individual airbags. It is also possible to have us install and remove your airbag-related parts. All our airbags are checked for function, damage, originality and are eventually provided with an Airbagbank verification number. We do not repair airbag dashboards, however.

Through the search function you can easily find which airbags you need. You can search by car make, vehicle type or even by part number. Didn’t find the part you need? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right airbags. Buying an airbag has never been so easy and cheap!

Proven protection

Airbags are safety devices used in cars to provide additional protection during a collision. They are standard equipment in every new car to provide protection during a frontal impact and sometimes a side impact as well. It has been proven that the combination of seat belts and air bags provides 48% less chance of a fatality than without them. In contrast, with seat belts alone, the chance is 40%. So an airbag clearly has an added value; especially when the belts are equipped with the correct belt tensioners. Do you need a new airbag but don’t want to spend too much money? At we only use high quality remanufactured parts so we can deliver an airbag for every car and/or let it function optimally while saving costs.

Buying an airbag: what to look out for?

When you’re looking to buy an airbag, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to make sure you choose the right airbag for your car. To make this easy for you, we mention which car every airbag it is suitable for. In addition, keep in mind that there are different types of airbags. Think for example of the driver airbag, the passenger airbag and the seat airbag for the rear passengers. Do you doubt whether you have chosen the right airbag for your car? In that case, too, feel free to contact us; we will be happy to help you further.