Airbag modules

The airbag module is a passive safety system installed in the passenger compartment. Along with a seat belt, airbags in cars provide better protection and reduce the risk of injury in a crash. It is therefore very important that your airbag module is working properly. Want to replace your airbag module? Then take a look at our wide selection. Use the handy search function to find exactly the type you’re looking for.

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Different functions

The car’s airbag module is also called the electric crash unit. The airbag module is responsible for controlling airbag deployment, storing crash data and exchanging information with the car’s engine. If your airbag control module is bad, your car’s airbags may not respond in a crash. This is because the airbag module receives the signals from the sensors and activates the actuators that will inflate these airbags. Therefore, the airbag module is one of the most important safety features you can find in your car. Not only does an airbag module deploy the airbag, it also performs the following functions:

  • Accident detection
  • Timely detection of the signals emitted by the sensors
  • Timely activation of the necessary ignition circuits
  • Power supply to the ignition circuits using the capacitor
  • Self-diagnosis of the entire system
  • Recording of the malfunctions occurred in the fault memory
  • The airbag control light turns on when the system fails

In short; an airbag module is essential for the operation of the airbag and thus the extra protection that is so desirable in the event of an accident, in addition to the seatbelt and seatbelt tensioner.

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