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Airbagbank.eu started 15 years ago as a recycling company for airbag parts and has quickly developed into an expert in supplying parts and offering specific technical support. The fastest solution and the realisation of cost savings are our main focus.

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Airbagbank.eu has always had sustainability as a guiding principle. By rebuilding and using used parts, the unnecessary use of new parts is reduced. Whether it concerns supplying used airbags, the replacement of worn belts, or the resolution of an airbag malfunction, the Airbagbank offers the total package. Where new parts are often (too) expensive, the Airbagbank makes it possible to offer an alternative by using these methods, so that a passenger car can still retuto the road at an affordable price.

From our base in Cuijk, we work with a committed and enthusiastic team on the innovation of the airbag system every day. The development of ADAS systems is a good example of this; these systems are related to the airbag system and can prevent a collision. This is a prelude to the autonomous car. The sensors and cameras used by these systems, like the airbag system, can spontaneously malfunction. As a specialist in the field of safety, we see it as our job to specialise in this as well.

Our team

By continuing to innovate with a focus on used parts and rebuild options, Airbagbank.eu has grown into a reliable address for all your airbag solutions with customers throughout Europe.

Martijn Gerrits

General contact

Martijn is the general contact for Airbagbank.eu customers. He takes care of the commercial activities and can help you find the right components.

Camille de Jonge


Camille accurately takes care of all administration at Airbagbank.eu, and she also provides helpful telephone support. She can support you, particularly with any questions concerning accounting.

Niels Ermers


Within Airbagbank.eu, Niels is the complete all-round employee and he not only carries out technical work in a variety of areas, he is also employable for commercial activities.

Erwin van Dooren


Erwin is at Airbagbank.eu the top specialist for airbag failures. His challange is to find a solution for every airbagproblem that you submit to us.

Jeroen Meeuwssen


Jeroen is the top specialist for electronic airbag modules at Airbagbank.eu and knows the answer to (almost) all of your specialist airbag electronics questions.