Seat belt replacement

A damaged seat belt leads to MOT rejection. Of course, it would be a shame to replace the entire mechanism. The Airbagbank offers the right solution by providing the mechanism with new, undamaged belts in various colours.

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  • Direct assistance by appointment
  • European certified material
  • Certified Stitching Machine
  • With installation and removal possibilities
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The reason that during the MOT inspection strict checks are made for damage to the seatbelt is because tests have shown that at damage of one to two millimetres the strength of the seatbelt is reduced by 30 per cent. In the event of a collision, the belt could therefore tear, which could have serious consequences.

In order to be able to replace the belt strap, we need to remove the belt tensioner from the car. It is possible for you to provide it disassembled, or we could take care of installing and removing the belt tensioner at an additional cost. When making an appointment, it is possible to wait for the repair with both options. Request a quote and we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities.

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Brother lockstitch bartack machine

The Airbagbank has a Brother Lockstitch bartack machine, which is specially designed and programmed for stitching seat belts. Only European certified belts are used.