Protocol databreach

Data security

European Airbag Center B.V. ensures proper security of personal data. The techniques available for this are constantly being updated. It is nevertheless possible that this security is breached, for example by a hack. This is known as a data leak and the data may end up in the wrong hands. Here is our procedure for what you can do and what we will do when a data breach is detected.

Obligation to report data breaches

All organisations in the Netherlands are obliged to report data leaks to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, if this entails a risk for the data subjects. We must also inform the affected party(ies) of the data breach if there is a risk of serious adverse consequences for them. The Dutch Data Protection Authority is the supervisory authority in the field of privacy.

What is a data breach?

A data breach is a breach of the security of personal data, whereby personal data ends up with someone who should not have access to that data or where data is inadvertently changed or lost without a backup of the data. It may involve hacking digital systems of European Airbag Center B.V. where personal data is stolen, but also a stolen laptop, tablet or smartphone containing personal data or a lost USB stick with files on it.

Have you discovered a data breach?

Have you received confidential documents or gained access or insight into personal data that were not intended for you via one of our websites? Then we ask you to report this as soon as possible via or by calling +31(0)485331199. In order to be able to repair the leak as quickly as possible, the following information can be helpful, but please do not share the data breach with others:

  • Screenshots
  • A description of the data that is visible to you
  • The reproducibility

In the event that you actively abuse a data breach or incorrectly received personal data, we will file a report with the police.

What do we do in case of a data breach?

As soon as we become aware of a data breach, we will take immediate action by carefully checking which data has been leaked and whether the person concerned may have been affected by the breach. If there is a serious risk that the privacy of the injured party(s) has been violated, we will report the data breach to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We also inform the affected parties and we help to minimise the risk of damage from the data breach. If we report the data breach to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, we will report:

  • The nature and extent of the leak;
  • Who it concerns and which personal data records it concerns and the numbers insofar as we can determine them;
  • Who our data protection officer is;
  • The consequences of the breach;
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  • The measures we have taken

If we inform the affected parties, we will report:

  • The nature of the leak;
  • Who our data protection officer is and that further information can be requested from him/her;
  • The consequences for the affected party;

Data Breach Register

We do our utmost to prevent data breaches, but if they do occur, they are recorded in the Data Breach Register. This register contains the date on which the breach was discovered, what was leaked and how it happened, what the possible consequences are, the measures taken, who we have informed and whether or not a report has been made to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.